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Advances in the use of communications and communications have influenced the creation of innovative marketing methods, which, in particular, include mobile marketing. There are different approaches to the definition and interpretation of this concept: «any marketing activity carried out through a comprehensive network to which consumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device.»

Mobile marketing sms gateway solution include the transfer of information in the cellular network: IVR (Interactive Voice Response), text information (SMS messages), photo and video information (MMS), technologies that allow implementing non-voice interactive communications (WAP, Java), content (themes, images, ringtones, slideshows), games and programs, Bluetooth marketing, on-call advertisements, etc.

The importance of mobile communications is confirmed by such companies as Facebook, WhatsApp, Google. The latter continues to work on RCS-technology (Rich Communication Services), a progressive method of text messaging that combines various communication standards, combined in an application. It is planned that the communication hybrid will give users the opportunity to create group conversations, exchange media files, and in the future make video calls, while supporting the previous generation standards — SMS and MMS. users of the messenger will be able to send messages to subscribers without a similar program: if the recipient’s operator does not support the RCS standard, the message will reach him in the usual SMS format.

The main advantages of mobile marketing are as follows:

1. Users always have mobile phones with them and mostly receive messages at the time of sending. So mobile marketing technology is virtually instant.
2. Transferring content to mobile devices (text, image or video) is easier and cheaper than stationary computers or laptops.
3. The mobile environment makes it easy to carry out promotions and marketing incentives. In addition, the user can save virtual information until the moment when he wants to use it.
4. Since the screen size of a mobile phone is small, it limits the amount of content that can be displayed. According to the developers, they should keep it simple. And the simpler the content is better adapted to different mobile platforms.
5. The mobile platform interacts directly with users. This allows for a highly personalized interaction. Marketers can even start a direct dialogue with the user, receive instant feedback via SMS.
6. The solution to the problem can be tracked almost instantly. This helps to better analyze user behavior, thereby improving service standards.
7. Since mobile content can be easily shared among users, mobile marketing can have significant viral benefits.
8. Because many people have mobile phones rather than PCs or laptops, mobile marketing is helping to reach a much wider and more diverse audience, especially in remote regions of the world. It also offers the benefits of geo-location and sending geo-specific messages to users using GPS and Bluetooth.
9. Mobile marketing is still evolving, so this niche is convenient and less risky for
any new seller.
10. Users often use microblogging platforms such as Twitter from their mobile phones, which can be useful for marketers.
11. Mobile payments are very convenient for users today. users are offered secure online payment through modern mobile web applications.

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