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Recently, very often you can find various videos of popular bloggers on YouTube that many users use artificial ways to increase views on their channels and other resources. Of course, no one likes it. But there are those who support this idea, believing that it is quite difficult for newcomers on YouTube to achieve success on their own, since this platform is already oversaturated with various thematic niches. And to find something new and your own is almost impossible.

Accordingly, more and more questions began to arise about where to find suitable platforms for acquiring the necessary material for development in a social network. Given that with the popularity of such sites, the level of fraud in this direction has increased.

How to display YouTube views with video trends — the main criteria

Bring video to YouTube trends

The main task for any user who has recently settled on YouTube is the ability to gain popularity on a social network as soon as possible and become recognizable on this site using buy real youtube views. But for this it is necessary to declare oneself as loudly as possible so that users can see the novice blogger. And in this case, one of the sections of YouTube can help you — trends. If you manage to get into the number of publications posted there, this will provide you with a massive influx of traffic. Accordingly, you need to find out how you can get there and whether the opportunity to buy live views on YouTube will help with this. To enter trends, you must adhere to certain rules and take into account the following criteria:

To begin with, after the release of your video, it should gain views almost in the first minutes after its appearance. Moreover, the traffic should go more or less evenly, but with a high speed;
The speed of views should be at least 200-1000 units per minute. Accordingly, the more views you collect in the first hours after publication, the more likely you will fall into trends;
It is important that most of the users who view your video are in the country for which you created the recording. That is, if you record a video in Russian without subtitles, then your main audience should be in Russia;
Your video must comply with all optimization parameters. That is, you need to choose a unique name for the video containing the main key queries that match the content. You also need to add a detailed description to the video and tags (keywords);
In addition, immediately after the publication of the video, it should gain not only a large number of views, but also at least 1000 likes and comments, so as not only to appear in the rating, but also to linger in it for some time. Accordingly, the more resources and faster the video will receive, the more confidently it will stay in the top of YouTube;
It is also important how much the public will be interested in the released video. This means views must have audience retention. That is, each view from the user should last at least 50-90% of the total duration of the video. Accordingly, in this case, the opportunity to buy views on youtube with retention on one of the services that we listed above or on your chosen site will help you;
These are the requirements for a video that seeks to go out and stay in the trends of YouTube. From this we can conclude that the main feature that the movie should have is a high-speed set of views and other resources. Thus, it turns out that the opportunity to buy live views on YouTube can really help you advance in the ranking and make yourself known to the entire audience of the social network.

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